The 3 Step Plan to Blow Up Your Income in 30 Days

Presented by Sara Dann, Business Coach

You're going to learn...

↠ The super simple steps I took to blow up my income from $8,128 to $45,971 in just 30 days - and how I've used the SAME simple, repeatable steps to create consistent big months ever since. No fluff. No BS. Just the transparent, exact things I focused on.

↠ The super simple content creation strategy that I've used to create three back to back $500k+ years, including an $800k+ 2020.

↠ Why it's easier than you think to create new programs and offerings FAST, plus my favorite ways to pull money out of thin air - even if you don't have a SINGLE program right now.

↠ And most importantly, how you can implement all of the above in your own business.

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